How to Spot Employee Cheaters

Casino surveillance must not only be vigilant for cheaters and scam artists that are visitors of the casino but also must watch for employee cheaters. In rare instances, these employees are working alone. In most cases, they are working with a guest or other employees to scam the casino. It is much more difficult to spot an employee than a guest. Casino staff that is commonly involved in these cheater situations are dealers, floor supervisors, and boxmen.

Luckily, there is a common behavior that can be spotted that tends to further reveal their actions and motives.
Dealers typically enact the following:

  • Places hands in bankroll tray when not dealing
  • Always looking at the floor supervisors
  • Random violations of procedure
  • Does not clean hands before touching the body

If the dealer has their hands in the bankroll tray, this may be an indication they are secretly skimming chips. Also, whenever a guest or employee is cheating, they will be constantly looking around for higher authorities. Additionally, when the dealer is consistently violating dealer procedure they become suspect for collusion. Furthermore, if the dealer does not clear the hands before touching their body, they could be taking chips.
There are also a few indicators for Floor Supervisors and Boxmen including:

  • Rubbernecking
  • Gambling heavily when not on the job
  • Bad attitude
  • Won’t talk to surveillance
  • High standard of living for income

Rubbernecking or always scanning the floor to find the boss is a common indicator of some type of misbehavior. This way they can keep their eyes on the boss to ensure he is not watching. Also, those that gamble heavily when off duty tends to be more interested in cheating the system. Furthermore, a bad attitude and not talking to security departments such as surveillance can show an unwillingness to cooperate and a potential for theft.

One of the biggest indicators is an employee that lives significantly beyond their apparent income. In most cases, they are acquiring the extra income from some outside source. In many instances, it is a second job. However, if the employee is living well beyond their means it could be something else.

These signs help Surveillance personnel catch employees involved in some type of theft each day across the globe. Often a suspected employee’s personal life is reviewed to verify anything out of the ordinary. The bottom line is the Surveillance Department is trained to spot these individuals.